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We are an innovative manufacturer of short tubes. With our modern and highly specialized machinery, we can offer extremely diverse solutions in all aspects of tube manufacturing. Not only do we produce straight and conical laser-welded tubes, but also filter tubes and complete modules for a wide range of applications from measurement technology to the sanitary industry. Additionally, we also take care of professional tube processing as well as engraving and/or coating. We emphasize technical precision in everything we do and we distinguish ourselves through best quality as well as strict adherence to deadlines.

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What can we do for you? Capabilities

We manufacture complex short tubes on our automated production machines – from highly specialized prototypes to standardized units for large-scale production. What sets us apart in the production of high-quality tube solutions are short takt times, quick retooling and exact repeatability. Discover the full spectrum of our capabilities now.

Tube Production

Stainless steel tubes, filter tubes, beaded tubes, precision steel tubes or tube coverings - the rounding machines on our production lines produce versatile short tubes with guaranteed exact and uniform rounding over the entire tube circumference, which are perfect for further processing. As a subcontractor, we are extremely versatile and can produce tube lengths of up to 1,500 mm and diameters of 5-1,000 mm with a sheet thickness of 0.5-5 mm. For resistant, trouble-free and visually clean weld seams, our specially trained specialists use various established welding techniques depending on the material and guarantee consistent quality at the highest level. In addition to processing in state-of-the-art CNC laser welding systems, TIG, roll seam or spot welding are also used as required. Which tube can we manufacture for you?

Conical Tubes

In terms of manufacturing technology, the production of conical pipes is particularly demanding because of the different diameters at the pipe ends. We do not only have the right machines to produce complicated conical tube designs with precision, but also plenty of experience in solving demanding challenges in this context. We can produce conical tubes up to a length of 700 mm with a maximum sheet thickness of 2.5 mm.
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Tube Processing

Upon request, we also perform a variety of forming operations following tube production to provide you with workpieces that meet your exact requirements. The following forming operations are available:

  • Calibrating
  • Beading
  • Flanging
  • Up-beading
  • Expanding
  • Reducing
  • Crimping

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Module Production

We manufacture complete modules for all industrial fields. These modules are based on our high-precision short tubes and installed, for example, in exhaust systems (automotive), filter elements or measuring instruments (e.g. with sensors for fine dust measurement). In addition to the production of straight and conical tubes, we also cut, form, weld and engrave a wide variety of sheet metal for you. Furthermore, we can provide professional surface treatment and coating for your tubes and tube modules using a variety of techniques. We will make you a comprehensive offer and deliver even complex assemblies to you quickly for further processing. Contact us now and challenge us.


We offer tailor-made short tubes that meet all your requirements. This naturally includes aspects such as corrosion protection or aesthetic requirements, which can be influenced with professional surface coating. Thanks to our modern technical equipment and our extensive experience in the coating of curved, metallic surfaces, we can offer you high-quality, target-oriented surface treatment as an optional additional service within the scope of pipe production. Together with our cooperation partners, we at lafortec provide you with all common industrial coating processes:

  • Electropolishing
  • Powder Coating
  • Pickling
  • Double Nickel Chrome
  • Passivation
  • Zinc-Iron
  • Tin
  • Zinc-Nickel
  • Zinc, blue, yellow and black
  • Copper
  • Zinc, thick layer
  • Cathodic Dip Coating

Contact us now and together we will identify the best coating process for your needs.


On our high-performance, CNC-controlled processing machines, we can implement high-quality engravings to label, mark or individualize components in-house. Sheet metal as well as finished tubes and modules can be engraved quickly and precisely. Engraving is equally suitable for the finalization of prototypes, individual pieces and for series production.

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Punching & Laser Cutting

With our modern machinery, we can offer high-precision punching and cutting services for parts up to 6 mm thick. That means that we stamp, form, thread, emboss, sign, engrave and deburr with great accuracy. For example, we can create standard contours and shapes such as lugs or threads, but also high-quality individual outer contours and intricate inner contours. The sophisticated CO2 laser technology ensures impressive cutting accuracy and outstanding edge quality.

About Us

At lafortec, a dedicated team of experienced experts develops and produces individual short tube solutions for a wide range of applications. In doing so, we can implement medium and large series just as precisely and economically as individual one-off pieces. Our core capabilities lie in the exact manufacturing, precise welding (incl. laser welding), tube forming and qualitative surface coating of short tubes in all variations and geometries. Through the solution-oriented use of modern techniques such as precision laser welding, we are able to manufacture standard and special pipes as well as pipe assemblies with dimensional accuracy as required. Additionally, we also offer services such as tube forming, engraving and surface coating of short tubes of different types and characteristics.

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We are proud of our technical equipment and our flexibility in pipe production, but lafortec's most valuable resources are the know-how and experience of our employees. As a strong team, we are constantly expanding our competences in a market-oriented manner, because we want to fulfill all our customers' wishes today and in the future and manufacture custom-made pipes for them.

We are committed Our Guiding Principles


lafortec stands for the highest quality in short tube production. Motivated by the high demands we place on our work, we are able to supply you with short tubes of the very highest quality thanks to many years of experience, state-of-the-art technology and professional know-how. Expect only the best from us.


We are firmly rooted in the Ore Mountains and, as a medium-sized manufacturing company, we feel responsible for sustainable environmental protection. Therefore, our actions are never determined exclusively by economic considerations, but also by ecological aspects such as resource conservation and sustainability. lafortec – for people, nature and the next generation.


Our market-oriented, flexible production is characterized by a high level of innovation, which we also demonstrate time and again in cooperation projects with scientific institutions such as Chemnitz Technical University. Thanks to the resulting links to research experts, we are always very close to the latest developments and can also fulfill unusual customer requests with innovative design services.


Just like our customers, we measure the success of our work by the quality of the service we provide. That's why we do everything we can on a collective and individual level to further increase efficiency and effectiveness in all areas of work, because we want to inspire our customers – with short tubes that perfectly meet all their requirements.

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lafortec stands for the highest quality standards. This is proven by our certifications according to ISO9001:2015 and ISO3834-2:2006 as well as the award of the Commercial Energy Passport of the Free State of Saxony for proactive energy management, all of which you can take a look at under the following links:


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