Lafortec develops and produces customized pipe solutions for a variety of industries and markets for over 15 years. We use state-of-the-art technology to guarantee the highest level of quality and liablity from development and manufacturing up to distribution and sales.

Tailored cut shapes, precision laser welding, pipe shaping and surface coatings for various types and qualities of short-pipes

As a manufacturer of special customized pipes, we offer a range of 5.0 mm - 1200mm diameter, 5mm - 1250mm / 2000mm length and 0.25 mm - 6.0 mm wall width.

We are experts in the specialist areas of dimensionally accurate-sized manufacturing, precision welding, pipe shaping and quality surface coating of short-pipes in different variations and shapes.

Furthermore our areas of expertise are economic production of large and small series as well as individual pipe manufacturing.

Special pipe solutions in a variety of materials, types and geometries

Whether stainless steel pipes, filter pipes, bead pipes, precision steel pipes or pipe-claddings – We can proudly offer you a broad range of products in the short-pipe segment.

In addition to the short-pipe portfolio of different metal alloys, Lafortec also provides pipe solutions with specific formats and versions, as well as pipes with specific surface coatings.

In the section of short-pipes, Lafortec applies to the highest standards of quality, innovation and scientific know-how

Our company is at the forefront of technical developments within it's sector. This is reflected in an ISO 9001:2008 certification we attained.

Our manufacturing proceeds market-oriented and highly innovative as well as flexible. This focus reflects in our relationship with academic institutions such as Chemnitz University of Technology, with which we implement numerous projects.

Lafortec's know how is expressed in innovative designs executed by a highly qualified team and advanced inhouse CAD-systems, thus Lafortec is adaptive in order to optimally fulfill special customer requirements.